Product Landing Page Project

Hey Guys,
I have completed the product landing page project.

Please provide your feedback and criticism.

I notice that your internal links are jumping to weird spots in the page. (eg. the How it Works link seems to jump to the bottom half area of the page but not necessarily obviously to the video which I guess was your intention).

I like that the menu is always available as we scroll, but your layout is wonky. Title for eg. is centered but the stuff underneath is centered at a different horizontal point, so it looks offset (yet centered). Maybe just make the regular text start from the left to see if it looks neater. Also I liked that your “Add to Cart” buttons were responsive but the color choice is a bit sickly (mustardy yellow and leading to gray?). I would line up the books with less space in between them too (and maybe the price beneath the picture of each book and closer to the button “Add to Cart”) ?

Just some thoughts.

Thanks for the feedback.
Can you please check the page now?, as i have made changes that you suggested.


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I like the new background color and the internal links are working better for me now! Nice to see!