Product Landing Page_Project

Hi guys, I just completed the product landing page project. Here"s bthe link Product Landing Page. You feedback is needed. Thanks guys.

Hello @jtoloyede , Here is some things i will suggest:

Try to pick a different color scheme, yellow is too bright. -->

I would suggest having depth to your page and having everything more in the center. For example these pages 1 central div that takes up 80% of the page, and a slightly darker background color. Maybe even a box-shadow to add more depth. its a very simple concept but adds so much to the web page.

An example from my survey page project

An example from Cardoza Edu’s collection ‘TP’ -->

An Example of a 3 tier version.

An exmaple of how you can even use a image, not just a color.

An example of doing it with multiple items (cards). He also uses that box shadow i mentioned earlier.
box-shadow: 2px 2px 5px;

I would also suggest doing something with your header like adding a image and or bigger text:

Example of a medium sized image.

He uses a small image (banner) and a big title.

Example of just a big title.

Two layer version using background image.

Big title in banner sized area with navigation bar

or not header and just a navigation bar

Their is more. feel inspired, not like you can’t do anything of this. I found that making good look webpages is a lot simpler when you look up ideas.

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