Product-Landing Page Project

Hello everyone.
I made a product landing page for the new responsive web design curriculum.

Can I get your opinion if possible?

Thank you everyone in advance.

Kind regards.

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HI @mustafaolgun !

I think your project looks good.

Just one thing I noticed.

In your CSS, you are reusing the #8E3200 color a lot.
I think it would be good to get used to using CSS variables especially when you start building out larger projects

Hope that helps!

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I’m not a design-enthusiast, but this color-scheme is kinda neat.

Some detail though.
If I scroll down your page there can be situation when nav-links(with WHITE TEXT) on the foreground, and some WHITE TEXT on the background. Not sure about this situation.

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@jwilkins.oboe and @admit8490

Thank you for your feedback.
I usually give background-color to everything in projects to see where and how it looks in detail. To everything. As the last step of the project, I either delete the background-colors or colors or transform them into whatever color I want to make.
Using css variables in this regard will give me an advantage. I will use css variables in my next Portfolio Page project.

I think that the problems in another feedback can actually be solved with the dark-light mode button. I can’t do it right now because I don’t know JavaScript. When I learn JavaScript I will do this in my projects.

I appreciate your feedback :slight_smile: Thank you very much.

I am with you on this one. I am also doing borders of boxes/containers visible when building page, then delete it at the end of building the page

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