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Hey guys…

by far this is the most difficult project until now.
Im really in trouble with this… If you can help me, ill be so gratefull.
Thats not good and have some problems:

try this:


.logo { width: 15vw; }


.logo { width: 100px; }

and add:

header { width: 100%; }

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Hey guy!

Thanks for your support.
but it doesnt happen like this, give a look please

I suggested .logo { width: 100px; } but you did .logo { width: 100%; }

try changing the logo width to 100px.

The logo actually changes the size of the nav-bar as it shrinks and grows. If you make the logo a fixed size such as 100px, then the nav-bar will always stay the same size.

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You’re right i didnt pay attention enough, sorry… this is my brain burning with css hahaha

Now its good, one problem solved. Now i’ll try to fix the others.

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Hey @DavidMatthewFraser

I think i fixed most of my problems. Now i cant fix my buttons. Can you give a look at it ?

I appreciate your help too @Roma if you could give a look at it.

You can try:

section {
  padding-top: 100px;
#subscription {
  padding-bottom: 30px;

This way the nav-bar doesn’t cover up the sections you jump to.

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