Product Landing Page, Reference Questions and Feedback

Finished my Product Landing Page for Adidas, got all the tests to pass, so naturally I’m paranoid that I did it all wrong. I took a video from YouTube and images from I took a look around and saw that other campers were using real company products, so I figured it would be ok to do the same. Please let me know if I should’ve taken media from other sources and/or if my alt references and citation at the bottom of the page are adequate. Also, any critiques on style, code, or in general are welcomed, needed, and appreciated. Thanks in advance.

it is awesome,
even i am doing this one,
nice use of images in the background,gave me few ideas as well.
thumbs up!!

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Thanks, glad I could give you some inspiration. Do you know if there are any academic policy guides anywhere beyond the Academic Honesty agreement?

i have no idea what u just said. lol

A set of rules of what you can and can’t do in your projects :wink:

can you share the link?

Trying to find out if there is one.

if found, post it here.