Product landing page Review #theRohitDas

Hello there folk!

I completed the FCC Product landing page project and I want some review,

  • What type of animations should I add?
  • Where to improve so that this becomes more accessible
  • Shall I add a different Navigation in mobile mode?

Tell me how to improve, I am a noob in this field. :slightly_smiling_face:
link to the pen
PEN FCC Codepen :raised_hands:
FULL FCC Codepen :game_die:

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This is seriously so good i love the way it looks both on a wide screen and on a mobile display, you should add something to change the color when you hover over one of the β€œready to buy” cards. Even without that this page looks like it was made by a professional web developer

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Thanks a lot @SALTx
Your appreciation really means a lot to me, thanks for taking out time and reviewing my work.

I will do something for that ready to buy cards :slight_smile:

Cheers :beers:,