Product Landing Page Review

Hello All ,
i am submitting my product landing page for review, i do not have a natural proclivity for this, however, any feedback is appreciated. I have pasted the link below.

The layout has two main problems, both kinda related:

  1. the product offering (club memberships) div is a little bland. You may want to punch it up with some fonts, colors, maybe separate “cards” for each membership.
  2. responsiveness: at smaller viewports, the elements have weird widths and margins between them.
    • You could solve this by specifying that using @media queries.
    • The club membership is really problematic at narrow (phone) viewports: It’s all smushed together on the left.

Minor problems:

  • The video has ugly black bars. Experiment with different values for the height property, like 100%.
  • The tesselating coffee mug isn’t a great design. Maybe consider using the background-attachment: fixed property:value pair. W3 reference page on backgrounds. You can play around with position and size until it looks good at all viewports (showing the foam cap).