Product Landing Page Reviews

Hello guys! I have some difficulties doing this project and by working over and over, i ended up with this. can you guys check and comment! Thanks! I would greatly appreciate! Here is the link:

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Hi there,

On the responsive side, for the 3 boxes on the services you provide, when the screen’s width is below 1000px, the “Hire” buttons" and price text will overflow.

I’m not an expert on colors but in my eyes, the dark background doesn’t go well with the dark text eg “Subscribe to our mailing list for news alerts and offers!”.

And the services text are inconsistent:

“Hiring a web designer” -> “Hire a web designer”

“Hire a app developer” -> “Hire an app developer”

Other that, everything seems to be fine.

It’s really good that you are persistent and completed the projects in spite of the difficulties. Keep up the great work.