Product Landing Page: Rolex Sky-Dweller

Hi! I just finished my third project and I would like to receive comments.

Thank you!

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Hello, alvaro.

Excellent job on the product landing page. Interesting choice of product, as well. The only thing I would change is the colour of the navbar so that there is more contrast between it and the main body.

Keep it up.

Hi @arganarazalvaro, nice job on your page!

Very nice, looks good. A few things:

  • Get rid of the pointer cursor when you hover over the Rolex image at the top left. It makes it look like a link when it is not.
  • At larger font sizes your getting a bunch of content/button overlap as you narrow your browser (before it reaches one of your media breakpoints).
  • Your email input width is too small, especially at larger font sizes. And you need a <label> for it.

One possible way to fix some of these font issues is to base your media breakpoints on em’s instead of pixels (or a combination of both). Basically, you can’t assume what font size the user is going to be viewing your page with and should thus make sure it can handle very big sizes.

Thanks for the comments, I have made some improvements.

Wow, really nice project, dude, I am a little bit shocked that you did it so perfect. Did you do it single? Your site is very similar to another. But most likely they are just both perfect. If you are interested, it is Think that it is the best service with Rolex replicas. It is very easy to use and has anytime customers support. And of course has perfect watches which are made in Japan. I hope your project will become popular, it is really good. You really are a professional.