Product Landing Page: Snake Oil - Feedback Appreciated!

Hey everyone!

I’d appreciate any suggestions you have for my product landing page!

What do you think I could improve?
Is there something that needs fixing?
Is my code “clean”?

This is done with just vanilla HTML and CSS. I don’t want to add any JavaScript yet. I used a CSS checkbox for my mobile navigation bar which I cant get to automatically uncheck once you click an anchor link. But that’s one issue which I will fix down the line when I learn JavaScript :smile:

Anyway here’s the link!

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Well done! I really like this concept. I would

give more paddings to the sides. Especially to the right of video.
Style input box and submit button. Give them some paddings, etc…

Your code looks pretty good to me. :+1:

Thanks for the tips Phillip! I’ll make some changes :slight_smile:

its amazing, i love the content and your page is extremely well designed and responsive. The hamburger menu is a nice touch on mobile devices. The img tag in html is a void element so it is best practice to not put a closing img tag. Other than that your code looks pretty clean :+1:

@SALTx Thanks for the compliments! I didn’t know about void elements but I just researched them. Thanks for letting me know :smile: