Product Landing Page submission

Hello everyone!

If you have the time, please provide some feedback for my landing page. I went with 100% original content so I know it doesn’t really look like a professional corporate product. Also, once I had it designed for a desktop, I really had a heck of a time to get it responsive for smaller screen (It looks alright on my Galaxy s7 now I guess). That being said, I’m sure my code to get it responsive is probably very inefficient. As I said, any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

I heard that the best practice these days is design mobile first then -> desktop view. I haven’t tried it yet but eventually :slight_smile: Anyways,I like your contents! I would,

give space between photo descriptions and pictures.
give your paragraphs line-height properties to make them more readable.
‘prettify’ your form. Align labels with inputs vertically. Make labels bigger. give border- radius to your buttons and inputs. make your buttons bigger, etc…

Happy coding :sunglasses:

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Awesome thanks! Will get to work on some adjustments. Appreciate it!