Product Landing Page: Subscription Box

I completed the third Responsive Web Design challenge. Any feedback is much appreciated!

Your page looks good @merdumgiriz. Some things to revisit;

  • check that the email field is populated correctly and give a warning message if it is not.
    • you learned to do this when you created the survey form
  • you can revisit this another time if you want
    • when clicking a link from the navbar, the top of that section is covered by the navbar.

Thanks for the feedback, @Roma!

I get a warning message when I don’t type an e-mail address.

I’ve fixed that by changing the padding of the h2 elements, hope that’s the correct solution.

Actually, you don’t. What you’re seeing is the link it’s going to is refusing to connect. That’s not the same thing. (Don’t worry about it, it’s been broken for a long time.) If the field isn’t properly populated it will stay on the same screen and there will be a pop-up message. Again, you did this when you did your survey form. Try it there and see what I mean. It’s literally a one word attribute fix.

Good job!

Okay, I think I got it… Just to be sure, was it the required attribute? I compared my code to FCC’s sample Landing Page and that seemed to be the only thing missing.

Yepper, that was it. And now you see what happens when you click the submit button when the email field is empty.
Good job.