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Hey guys,
Here is my take on remaining two responsive web design projects. I have tried to clone these projects,

What do you think guys ?
(PS : You don’t have to be kind)

3 days and no comments. Maybe no ones up for checking the difference in source code between this and the example. The requirement is function alike not look alike. You should make up your own questions and style.

Really stuck for ideas? How about:

Lot’s of free to use trombone pictures online, lose the lorem ipsum, and maybe expand the selection to include the pbone.

From just a function standpoint, the links at the top of the product landing page do not link to other parts of the page; they are empty links. This function is working in the technical documentation page, so this should be an easy fix for you.
I would also echo @tlc35us - try to insert original content into the projects. I know making projects personal helps me learn faster than copying alone. Perhaps a different product, or a change in graphic design, or layout?
Keep up the hard work!

Thank you @tlc35us and @KaitCam for your valuable input.
I will try to come up with something new and different in terms of design and layout while keeping the functionality alike.
Thank you :slightly_smiling_face: