Product Landing Page - TLS -Please comment

Hi everyone!
This page took me almost 2 days mostly cause of design, I hate designs, know nothing about them!). It was tiresome but I liked it anyway. It sure has many problems so please feel free to point them out so I could get better in HTML/CSS.

Thank you in advance!


It’s a good looking page @dieplumpe.

Your design is your design and it looks good. I’m not good at design either.

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Thank you! If think I have problems in techncal part please let me know .

It all looks clean @dieplumpe.
I might say for the image to put the height and width in CSS rather than styling it in-line. Easier maintenance.

I usually say to keep all like media queries together but there are two schools of thought on this. Both have their pros and cons.
There is nothing wrong with defining the media query right after where it’s going to be use.

Bottom line…you’re good.

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Thank you! @Roma
I didn’t know I can put the height and width of the image in CSS from the start. Thank you!
About media query, it’s actually a mess you are right. I just didn’t find the method that would be good for me yet.
Thank you for your comments! They are always very helpful.

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Hey @dieplumpe!

I think your page looks great! Your hard work is really paying off. Congrats!

You could add a scroll feature if you wanted to.

html {

Happy coding!

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@jwilkins.oboe thank you! Your support helps a lot!
I added this element but I don’t really see how it changed scrolling. I mean I read what it should do but I just can’t notice it :sweat: :smiley:

If you click on the navbar sections you will see the results

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Yeah, I’m sorry I thought that it’s doing its job and I just didn’t see it. But in fact I just didnt’t put it in right place. Now I put it where it belongs and it’s working really nice. Thank you!

@dieplumpe That looks really nice! Good job! Passes all tests and has responsiveness. Move on to the next one! I love looking at your projects! Happy Coding! :smile:

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That looks wonderful! From a design standpoint, I’m curious how others feel about the use of highly decorative script typefaces… I find people love the way they look but they are difficult to read after a while. I still use them but I’ve always leaned to the more conservative script typefaces…


Yeah, I know what you mean. I’m trying to use different type of styling (including fonts) in my work. So they look completely different, I think it might show that I can work with different projects.


Looks Good, You did it even if you hate, it will give you motivation to do more…

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@shriramrbisen Welcome to the FreeCodeCamp Forums! Happy Coding! :smile:

It’s good and fun to try things like that. I found this list

  • 12 Easy Read Fonts
    • Georgia (serif)
    • Rooney (serif)
    • Futura (sans-serif)
    • Helvetica (sans-serif)
    • Karla (sans-serif)
    • Lato (sans-serif)
    • PT Sans & PT Serif
    • Open Sans (sans-serif)
    • Quicksand (sans-serif)
    • Roboto (sans-serif)
    • Ubuntu (sans-serif)
    • Verdana (sans-serif)
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