Product Landing Page Travel Agency- Feedback


I would love any feedback you could provide on my product landing page. It’s an example travel agency page that features using CSS grid and flexbox. It also has a feature where you can input a dummy email and shows a confirmation page upon submission. My goal was to display a well designed responsive page rather than good content. I appreciate any feed back you can provide.

Here is a link to my page:

Note: The FCC test suite passes only if you stay at the top of the page since the nav-bar is only on the first page.

Thank you in advance! :smile:

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The tests passing only on the top seems weird, but no problem.

I really like the design of the page and feels like I am visiting a travel agency site.

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Appreciate the feedback @razzakammar_nano. My guess is that the product landing page test expected a one page or nav-bar on each page rather than a scroll like effect.