Product Landing Page ttwwss

I’m assuming you want some feedback on this? A few things that jump out at me:

  • I’m getting a horizontal scroll bar at narrow widths. It’s primarily due to the youtube video. You should be able to make that responsive. The h1 will be a cause of problems as well. You should probably get rid of most of the side margin on it for narrow view ports.

  • The color of your nav links on the black background is not big enough to be accessible. There are plenty of color contrast checkers out there to choose from and both the chrome and firefox dev tools have a checker as well.

  • Personally, I would use a <button> for the submit button. You usually don’t see a visible label like that for submit buttons. Using a <button> removes the need for the label.

By the way, I also enjoy some good dark ambient tunes. I used to listen to the Doomed station on but several years ago they cut back to just broadcasting around Halloween. I had forgot that they were broadcasting right now and I just turned it on and Skinny Puppy (one of my favorites) is playing right now. So thanks for the reminder :slight_smile:

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