Product landing page unable to submit form

I've been diagnosing the problem for hours now trying to submit the form by looking at other similar posts like this on forums and checking my code repeatedly but it seems I still can't pinpoint the problem. Can my fellow FCC please assist me in my problem? :slight_smile: 

This is the code: 

<script src=""></script>
<div id="container">
<header id="header">

 <img src="" id="header-img">
 <nav id="nav-bar">
   <a href="#email" class="nav-link">Get Started</a>
   <a href="#" target="_blank" class="nav-link">TV</a>
   <a href="#" target="_blank" class="nav-link">Products</a>
  <h1>High quality Tech products</h1>
 <form action="" id="form">
   <div class="email-box">
   <label for="email">Email: </label>
    <input type="email" id="email" placeholder="Enter your email here.." required>
   <div id="submit-box">
   <input type="submit" id="submit" name="submit">

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Could you post the link to the pen? It would be easier to see what the issue is

for some reason it wouldn’t let me paste the link. it says i need to use fcc more first.


I removed the https at the front so u have to put it urself.

Seems like you fixed it?

No. It still don’t work. you can try accessing my codepen too if you want. put a random email in the text field and click submit. it wont submit the form.

I’m able to submit the form when I enter my email. However, it appears to be submitting to a different domain than the one required by the tests. Your form should have an action="" like you had originally, in order to pass the tests.

chuck i edited my codepen by accident to test stuff. if i submit to the fcc mock url it won’t work actually. so i can’t pass the test. so technically, the problem isn’t fixed. i tried other random urls works but not the mock url.

edit: ok you can go back to my codepen, you can try submitting the form to the mock url. it won’t work. it will say “freecodecamp refuse to connect”

Everyone gets that refuse to connect error but test #12 will still pass.

but its still red with a cross meaning fail. just to confirm, does having a red with a cross considered pass in this case #12

I opened your codepen and ran the tests and #12 passed.

Work on the other tests that have failed.



And to be clear, I see the same as @RadDevDad. Test #12 passes in codepen

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@RadDevDad @Roma It says pass now. That’s really weird but thank you guys for trying to help!