Product Landing Page (unfinished) - Need feedback

Hello everyone, I’m currently coding the Product Landing Page, and I’ve been struggling with responsiveness (actually a lack of). My <main id="main"> won’t shrink below 560px, making the whole page to overflow and spawn a horizontal scrollbar.

I’ve tried adding width: 100%; and min-width: 0; to its CSS style, but then I get even more weird behaviors, like an invisible margin appearing to the left of the page that increases the thinner I make the viewport.

I’m really kind of lost here, so if you can try to reproduce this behavior it will be really helpful. Maybe it’s just a bug because the page is being rendered through CodePen or there’s something I’m missing.

Here’s the link to my project:

Well, finally I know what the issue was. In my testimonials section there was not enough space to accomodate the three testimonies I had as a row flex layout. I added a media query so it would change to column flex when reaching 560px viewport width and now everything is fine!

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