Product Landing Page User Story #4 issue

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Love the website and all the lessons and helpful folk on here. I have a few questions, but first here is a link to the (very) beginning of my Responsive Web Design Product Landing Page for reference:

So here’s my question(s):

  1. I’m having a bit of trouble getting past User Story #4. I’ve tried referencing a few different id labels on a few different elements, and still can’t seem to get the links clickable. I went back through the HTML and HTML5 lessons to double check using “Link to Internal Sections of a Page with Anchor Elements” as a reference, but no luck fixing it. I will be adjusting the internal links as I go (meaning they won’t always just reference the current id that is referenced there), but I am struggling to get it clickable at all. Is this a syntax error and me just staring at the same lines of code for too long? Or something I’m missing.

  2. About the nav-link class. In the sample piece here:
    I can’t seem to find a class specifically called “nav-link” in the CSS. I see a few classes called variations of “nav” but no specific “nav-link”. What is “nav-link” in reference to in the above sample piece? What should it be for my own?

Thanks in advance for the help. You guys rock.

Update: nevermind, clicking on the link above somehow… it works now so perhaps I was having some other issue with codepen. Sorry for the incorrect post!

I am moving to the appropriate subforum #curriculum-help:certification-projects

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