Product Landing Page: Video does not work, Codepen not highlighting text ; yet all tests passed

All tests are passed, but. . . .
My video element is showing but nothing happens. whether I use youtube or fb, the video does not show the title screen and it does not play. I have free version of CodePen so cannot upload videos.
The tutorial suggested I use CodePen, but although the 1st project shows the text highlighted (like Markup) this and 2nd project show all the text grey. It’s hard to find keywords when everything looks the same. When I choose MARKUP as the html preprocessor, I get all sorts of errors.

I copied my project code into Visual Studio Code and that shows everything very clearly, but then I have to select all and copy back into CodePen (for html and css) to see what the page looks like. Is there a way to test/display the page in Visual Studio Code? Or what other alternative environments are there. I would have to put the CDN stuff in somewhere to run the tests apparently.

Any suggestions?

Hi @elswise !
You can do projects in github.
Below in body, you can put the cdn as

<script src=""></script>

You have to learn github to submit the project link.

Thanks Rohan

I am trying to figure out sandbox. Or find a Previewer for Visual studio code
Github itself seems to have plain text without highlighting.
Not sure if there is a way to get highlighted text on GitHub.

Sorry, I’m just beginning with GitHub and FCC

Ok. I have a github account. I used github account to sign up for fcc.
Only got as far as the Readme in Hello World with github, before starting fcc.
I am trying sandbox with github. Getting used to it slowly but surely.

Any help with the video that is not working? I really want to submit this and move on.

Thanks for the testable-projects line. Most appreciated.

Hi @elswise !
I had the same issue, the problem is the source tag is not for links like :
“youtube/watch?v=qqqqqqqqqqqqq”, this is not a direct link to video its a Youtube page link, The link should end with an extension like .mp4 or .webm …
but in order to use a youtube link first you have to embed it and use Iframe tag instead of source
Example :
“youtube/watch?v=qqqqqqqqqqqqq” should be “youtube/embed/qqqqqqqqqqqqq”

<iframe id="" width="" height=""

Feel free to check my project :

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