Product landing page x Personnal portfolio project

Hi everyone,

This week I worked to build up two projects at a time.

I present you the Product landing page x Personnal portfolio project.
My reflexion was as follow. I follow this course (and The Odin Project one too) because I would like to work as a web developer and at this moment I will be the product to launch. So I made this web page.

Feel free to share your feedbacks.

I think it’s minimal and nice as it shows all the necessary information but I also think there is a lot of white spaces.

Nice colors and layout
But the portfolio and product landing page are two different projects, with different requirements. So you can probably use the one you made as portfolio (as it wasn’t in codepen, I couldn’t check if it meets the specifications), but you will still have to make a product landing page.


Hello Goodiex and johmar, thank you for your feedback