Product landing page Xiaomi

Hi there,

Could you guys/girls give me some feedback about my page?

Thanks, very much appreciated!

I am just a beginner so I can not comment about your code, but I really like your page’s design and the color scheme, it is simple and powerful, and from what I can see it works very well on mobile too. Great job!

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Great use of flexbox. Everything looks great on my phone.

I want to come back to it later to see your code.

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Looks really nice, but I’d argue that the scaling gets a bit funky between 800px and 600px (i.e. before your media query kicks in). The products end up being very small relative to the page and that’s juxtaposed against a very large YouTube video which has only scaled on the x-axis and so still dominates the page.

Maybe tweak your iframe parameters to make that a little smaller relative to the page at lower resolutions?

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Thanks all!
@Ascii Yes I agree, thanks for the tips!