Product Landing Page - Zoomtunes

I’m on the third project in the FCC curriculum, and due to past experience in graphic design/art, have decided to specialize in front end. This is a beginner-level project but I’d like make it as clean and polished as possible, and include it in my portfolio to represent my first real front end project.

Feedback on code or design is welcome!


Well done!

Add this to your CSS

html {
  scroll-behavior: smooth;

Cheers :+1:

Gosh, I love how simple and clean the design is. It’s really beautiful.

Your links work, however, the top of your content is hidden under the navbar when you click on “Features” or “Pricing”. I think you could get around this by adding padding/margin equal to the height of the navbar.

Big thank you to @bstefansen and @carolinalad for your kind words and feedback! I’ll get these things added!