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hey guys whats up
i am just stuck up into this project you can help me to get out of it…and also give feedback’s by which i can modify it better and efficient…


You doing great so far! Did you try to press tests button and see what’s missing?
Also you could add some space (margin/padding) to your elements and try to increase font size

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Hey Sam,

good work so far! :slightly_smiling_face:

My ideas:

  • you can increase the readability of your code by 1. clicking on the small arrow on the right side of the code box and 2. clicking Format HTML/CSS
  • you can get a code validation here by pasting your HTML code into the body; you will see some small errors, I would try to fix them first

Feel free to ask questions and keep us posted!

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Yaa i tried to fix and also click on test button but still i can’t solve the test :sweat:

Yaa sure and thanks for appreciating me your information is quite helpful and i am thankful if you solve that error or can you suggest my by which i can solve it as soon as possible :sweat_smile::blush:

  1. You are missing the name attribute on the input element.

The #email input should have a name attribute : expected false to equal true

  1. Your nav or header should be using position fixed and be at the top of the viewport. This requirement does not really work for your current layout so you will have to come up with a new layout for the header/nav.

  2. You are not using the fieldset element for its intended purpose. It is meant to be used for grouping elements inside a form element. It is not a generic container element. If you want a container element to have a border you can just give it one using CSS. You have also misspelled fieldset one time (on #box2).

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thanks for help buddy because of you i have completed the project… i am very thankful for you