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Hello! It’s the first post I make to the community, thanks in advance to anyone who can help me.
I am working on this exercise and I have a small problem. In a nav-var the element is shown in blue and underlined. How can I make them look like I am telling you in the id statement.
Also if you see something to improve …
Here is the link:

which id statement?

which id statement? In a #nav,

replace #nav with #nav-link and modify some padding, margin…

#nav .nav-link a{
color:white;/for white text as the text is present in a tag/
text-decoration:none;/for removing underline for text as the text is present in a tag/

Super. I hadn’t seen a definition like this yet: “#nav .nav-link to {…}”. Sure I can simplify CSS a bit. Thank you so much, now it all makes so much more sense haha. It’s useful

I suggest you to refer css selectors for more information on how to do that. Thank you

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