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Hello, i just finished with this project hoping for someone to review it.
Also, i don’t know why my video does not display ?

to make the video work you will need to go to the video on youtube, then select “share” then select “embed” then copy the code from there to your html.
(I tried it and it worked for me for this video so it is that easy to fix this).

I noticed that your navbar is not working? (or it didn’t work for me)

Thanks for the advice, I will try it out for the video.
The nav bar works.

Tried copying the code from the video after selecting share but is still not displaying.

show me the code you copied please (You have to pick share then embed then copy)

that is the wrong link.
That’s the link you give your friend.
Try instead to follow the instructions.
Click Share.
Click Embed.
Then copy the long code shown to you.

here’s a screenshot of an embed link from youtube:

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