Product Page Feedback Welcome :)

Hi all!
Feedback would be really appreciated with this one. I think I got lost a bit with my flex boxes. Also i’m having issues with the media queries working.
Thank you

UPDATED LINK with images showing:

h ttps://

some images are not loading (seems they are private). Open your website in incognito, you will see how it actually looks.

Sorry I updated the link now.

I updated your link to a full link above.

Overall it looks good! Here are few suggestions.

  • Give some padding right to your launch button and change cursor to pointer when mouse hovers on it.
  • Center contents in your footer.
  • Make your name in the footer stick to the bottom.
  • Don’t give default feelings to your links. I would change their colors and remove underlines.

Cheers :clap:

Thank you for the feedback I will make changes.

Anyone have idea why the @media requirement is not working?

Try to style your link tags when active, hover, visited both in header and footer.
All in all your page has clean design and give it a smooth scroll up and down when you click a link.

In your form, both of your inputs are missing this, >
In CSS your footer is an unclosed block.

codepen has validators for HTML, CSS and JS. Click on the arrow in the upper right of each section then click the respective ‘Analyze’ link.

thanks for the feedback. will make the changes. :slight_smile: