Product Page-Feedback

Hello, fellow campers!

It took me a while but I’ve finished the product landing page.

Any feedback is appreciated. Thanks for taking a look.


Wow, I love this design. The colors are great. The responsiveness is great, and seems to work well for all screen sizes. It looks very professional. Excellent work!

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I agree with @monksy, great job! I think the navbar would look even better if it was smaller.

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You’ve created such a beautiful and well written project!

A quick glance at the code and I noticed you’re using br tags after your h2s. You can eliminate them by just adding some padding-bottom in your CSS.

My only other critique would be the confusion with #pricing-boxes. When I initially scrolled through your project on desktop, I completely overlooked it because of the design. I only noticed it when I switched to mobile size. I think it would be more effective if you had some kind of break to differentiate the three - separate them with a line of whitespace or slightly change the color of the middle box.

The effect in the #pricing-boxes are smooth and clean. You did an awesome job and I look forward to seeing your future projects

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Thanks so much. I appreciate the constructive feed back. Very helpful!

Thanks @Kyu. I appreaciate it!

Thank you @monksy! I first did a layout in Adobe XD so I would have an end product visual, which really helps in the coding process.

Wow this is awesome! Nice use of the flex box.