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So when I came up with the concept for my Product Landing Page (Saturn Burger) I failed to think about how I would handle the video for a product that doesn’t exist. I’m not real sure now how to proceed. I still have quite a few things to do, but want to start thinking about that piece now so I don’t finish everything and then get stuck spinning tires on the video. Anyways any ideas or feedback is appreciated.

Note: I have a lot of work to do for Mobile, more content to add, and plenty more polish to apply. This is a fairly early WIP. I’ll probably request feedback again once the project is complete, for code and technical feedback.

:pineapple: 4TRIO19:pineapple:

how about a youtube video showing someone cooking a burger?

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Thank you!! This is a great suggestion. :pineapple: I haven’t used video much at all in Web Dev and didn’t even really think about stock type videos.

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