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I came back to FCC today after a couple months and retried logging in with my email. What followed was pretty strange. When I logging in I clicked “login through” which essentially took me to the old page to login.

Once I logged in I saw a message asking me to create a new account using the same email or “link with the old account” and once I entered my email and password then a new profile was created on this updated version of FCC. As a result of this all of my previous progress including profile photo, bio and anything else disappeared giving me a blank profile which is completely empty.

PS: If there is something I did not explain correctly or is somewhat confusing then please let me know. I will try to express myself clearer wherever possible. I just hope to get my “deleted” or lost profile back onto this new FCC update. That is if FCC even updated itself which I’m not sure about as there is a message displayed saying that there is a outage on the website currently,

Thanks :")

it seems you jsut created a forum account, which is a separated account than the account on the learning platform (

try to log in to the learning platform again

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I tried to but the page is still loading so slow which I assume is from the outage

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