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I don’t understand any of the instructions for this task.

The function should check if ‘name’ is an actual contact’s firstName and the given property ( prop ) is a property of that contact.

Does that mean that the name has to be a real name (not fictional) or it has to be a string maybe? I’m probably overthinking this, but, even so, I’m not clear on this and the rest of the instructions.

On the previous “Record Collection”, I had the same issue and I dug around until I could find some answers without understanding what I was doing. I can get the general concepts, but I’m having difficulty learning how to apply them in a new situation or knowing which ones are appropriate.

I would greatly appreciate it if anyone could break down the instructions step-by-step, so I can get some experience figuring it out on my own. No spoilers, please.

Link to the challenge:

You have an object with contacts, each contact has a property called firstName

The function has a parameter called name, when an argument is passed in you have to check if the name is present as a first name in the list of contacts


What’s the second half of the instruction saying?

The part about prop?

Each contact has other infos, in the object that appear as other properties

So the arguments passed in the function will be a name and an other thing (prop), so you need to check if there is a contact that has that name as firstName and if they have a property like the second thing passed in, if they have that property your return the value

Otherwise you need to say that there is no such property in that contact, or that there is no such contact

You should probably try to break down the instructions to its simplest terms on your own