Profile Lookup - So very close, except for Bob [SPOILERS][SOLVED]

The index of the last element in any array will always be the length of the array minus 1. If you have an array of length 10, the last element’s index will be 9 ((length of array) - 1). It’s not a formal term, but just an observation.

Than you for that great example. Now here’s another that I tend to be off on. When arrays have properties, one will call it key:value or proprety:value?

var obj {
lastName: “jim”,
age: 23

What is it exactly called the data inside the object?

I think in the context of objects, “key” and “property” mean the same.

In your example, obj has keys/properties called lastName and age, while their respective values are 'jim' and 23.

Very good. Thank you again!

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