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I’ve been working on my profile page for a while, and I think I’m ready to solicit some feedback on it! This is not the page I submitted for my project - I’ve continued building on the code to really make it my own.

Here is the link. I welcome both positive feedback and constructive criticism. :slight_smile:


Hey @nhcarrigan,

I’ve actually checked your page before, and it’s pretty nice.



I spent today setting up a custom domain and turning the navigation menu into a show/hide function, which definitely feels nicer than a static option.

Great work on your page! It looks good. I just have one suggestion.

I think it would be good if you adjust the layout of the page when a user clicks on About Me or Projects. Currently some of the text is hidden behind the side nav. You applied the correct layout to the Contact Me option so it should be an easy fix.

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I had thought about that. Decided against it since the navigation menu loads as hidden, but I think you’re right. Uploading the changes now.

Also, the Contact Me section was not any different from the other sections in terms of margins, it just had less text :slight_smile:

@nhcarrigan Your portfolio is really great! :rocket:

But one thing is that, title of your portfolio site is Portfolio.

Did you make it or missed to change?