Profile Page Feedback

Here is my profile page as it stands now. I wanted to finally get some advice before i touch it up. I used Cloudinary for the screenshots of my projects but I’m not satisfied with how the screenshots turned out. Obviously the height of my other pages are different. Especially the documentation page which I’m considering just not linking to. All feedback is greatly appreciated, thank you!

Hi @WatersEdge. I didn’t do a code review on your page yet but since you mentioned not liking the screenshots of your projects I thought I’d mention this in case you wanted to change things around.

Edit: I posted this because the screenshots provided by codepen will be a uniform height and width.

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Looks really nice on desktop! However, if i shrink the width to the point when the hamburger (3 dashes) appear on the nav bar. Your projects section does not shrink in width. I can scroll right, and then see a white background with a floating pic of Elon.

I really like your font, looks really cool!
Tested out on Firefox.

Edit: Clicking on your product landing page, takes me to your Newsletter project.

@erickkg Thank you. I see what you mean. Looks like I have to put in some media queries and alter the css a bit. Thanks for the feedback!