Profile page not updating

I’ve come back to Freecodecamp after getting a fair way through the course in 2015/16.

This time I started from scratch as a refresh is never a bad thing and the challenges I had previously done were showing as incomplete.

However, I’ve noticed that on my profile page none of my recent challenges are showing and instead it’s showing all the work I did in 15/16. It is not displaying any recent activity on the calendar.

Is there any way I can trash the previous work from 15/16 without deleting my current profile?

I’m on


It looks like you haven’t completed any challenges since 2016, including redoing early ones, is that correct?
If so, and you really want to delete your old progress, then I would suggest deleting your account and recreating it.
If you choose not to, your profile page will update to include the most recent date and the “view solution” will be your most recent solution:

That’s the thing. It only shows my old progress on the profile page.

Elsewhere, I have to go through all the old challenges from h1 tags onwards.

No worries. I’ll just delete the account and redo the 128 challenges I’ve done over the last four days.

Thanks for answering.


Worked out the problem.

Even though I deleted the account, it keeps picking up the old profile from my Github account.

Is there anyway to disassociate my github account from FCC so I can start afresh?

I would think that deleting it would delete it. You can go into GitHub and remove the link between your FCC and GitHub. You should then be able to create a new account and link it.

Just tried it and it didn’t work. All my 2015 work came back up again. It must be something that’s saved at the FCC end.

Deleting your account should delete your account. I know other campers have done it repeatedly. You can create GitHub Issue if there isn’t one already.