Profile picture in settings

I there a way to upload my profile picture to the settings page of freeCodeCamp or use the gravatar service like I can do on this forum?

Thanks in advance.

Put a link to whatever photo you want to use in your settings page.


Thanks for your help. It worked. I followed your example and put in the link from
gitHub. The screenshot was very helpful.

Glad to help. Happy coding!

@ArielLeslie if i do not want to use gravatars, just upload a pic from my computer or phone what is the process.

Thanks in advance :blush:

In this case you can’t, you need to have your profile picture hosted somewhere online


Thanks a lot i really appreciate it

I used one drive got the link from the browser and it didn’t work.


Can you post here that link?


I gave you the wrong one this the one from one drive.

This is still a link from your own device, you need something that is on the internet somewhere!1280&parId=81D20E7BE97F23B1!105&o=OneUp

I don’t think this is. and still not working.

I got it I had to embed it.

I uploaded my image to my local host (I’m using warm-server) and then got the link and pasted to FCC. This worked for me.