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I cannot view my current user activity in my profile. The last user activity shown was on 31st January 2018. No changes was made. Anything wrong with it?

I don’t understand. When I look at your forum activity, the last activity I see is the only other post you have, on Jun 4, 2017, the introductory post you made on the day you joined.

Maybe I am misunderstanding your question, or how to read the profile, or what date you are seeing, or what that date represents.

Sorry I might not be explaining very clear here. It’s about my FCC portfolio , not my forum activity.

Here’s the screenshot.

I would replace the word “might” with “am”, but OK. :wink:

And remember that FCC has nothing to do directly with GH.

I don’t know why it is only showing up to Jan 31. When I look at your github, it shows up to the current date. Maybe it was just a glitch.

This page discusses what goes on the graph.

If you continue to have difficulty, I would go to their contact page.

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There are currently some bugs with the heat map (notice that the months are sideways). This little widget is actually very finicky and prone to bugs.


Alright, thank you. :slight_smile:

Will the FCC service team do the debugging for this?

I’m not sure what you mean by “FCC service team”. FCC is open source and developed mostly by volunteers.


Alright. Thank you. :no_mouth: