Programming C# in Flowgorithm

I just started a C# programming class and I feel extremely lost. We’re using Flowgorithm which is where my confusion is coming from. I understand why it’s being used but, to look at a a request (problem) and know how to code it is beyond my experience level. I am a networking and systems admin student; however, this class is part of the program. I’m too invested in my degree track financially to turn back completely. I like the work but, I’m afraid I’m too slow and new to pick this stuff up before midterms and our final. Does anyone have any suggestions or know of free or reduced fee tutoring for programming students?

Sure, check out and sign up for an account to start learning how to code.

I appreciate the reply Randall but, adding irrelevant languages to my current course load doesn’t seem like a wise decision. Especially when I’m so new and having issues picking up the language and logic. I’m simply hoping to find some nice people through this forum who may be able to look at my flowchart programs (Flowgorithm) and perhaps insert comments into the file explaining the flow of logic and perhaps more or whatever they’re willing to do or have time for.