Programming language

I am comfortable with writing code in Javascript & python. Can someone please give me suggestions about whether I go for C or C++?
And if possible kindly give me information about the language purpose of C and C++.

C is mainly used nowadays for embedded stuff and systems programming. It’s a very small language that’s been around for a very long time. C++ is not a small language, it’s a very big and very complex superset of C. Other languages are far more widely used, but it crops.up all over the place for applications that need to be very high performance. For things like games it’s the only language. C would be [much, much] easier to learn but has fewer applications; C++ is famously difficult to master but has more applications. Both are very low-level, for example you can control exactly what the computer should do with specific chunks of memory (which is why C++ is important w/r/t games for example, you need very tight control over memory to get the best possible performance); very primitive and very complex at the same time.

Note Rust is the same level, designed basically as a much safer systems language than what’s available (C++ primarily). It is hard, but the community surrounding it is really, really good and it’s extremely well liked, it’s also a good choice.