Programming test

Hi Guys!,

I am going through an interview process which I have been successful over the technical skills questions however the process reached to the programming test phase, where I have been asked to build a web application.

I have no problem developing the Front End, however, the backend must be written using c# as per the below.

Can someone indicate where I can find some stuff to get the Backend developed?

Remote Technical Test

The Weather App

Your task is to build a web application which will allow users to enter a location and
view details about the weather in that area. The design of the application is up to
you, as is the choice of weather API.
There isn’t a strict time limit, but we would appreciate you letting us know roughly
how long the solution took you to code. Once completed, please publish your
solution in a public repository like your own github (please send us the details), we
will review and then arrange a video conference where you can meet the rest of the
team and we’ll review your solution informally as a group.

The provided solution will be:
o FrontEnd: Call the API from a react app and save the data in a redux object,
Displayed on a single page.
o BackEnd: Create an API (.NET) that will return weather temperatures based on
a location
o Fully tested (Unit, Integration, End2End) where is relevant
o Use of Docker (Dockerfile and Docker-Compose, Optional)
o Loosely-coupled
o Able to show SOLID principles at work, where relevant
• The primary aim of the test is to indicate capability in all the relevant
frameworks, software design and development
• All references should be added as Nuget Packages and should be publicly
accessible on
• The weather information displayed should include the following elements, if
they are available from the chosen API
o Location name
o Temperature
:black_small_square: Current
:black_small_square: Maximum
:black_small_square: Minimum
o Pressure
o Humidity
o Sunrise
o Sunset
Example weather API:

So the company did not specify that C# was a requirement for the job?

Do you know any C#?

I am not sure if you are asking for help with learning C# or if you already know C# but are not sure how to proceed with developing the project with it.

Hi @RandellDawson,

I appreciate your prompt reply - I have just joined the FCC community and I’m glad to be part of such a place.

Re my question, I know basic concepts of C# but not enough to write an API from scratch so that I am reaching out looking towards a good place to learn how to build an API using C# considering I hold REST concepts and high-level understanding on authentication methods.

Thank you