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I started the responsive web design course and completed the first group of lessons - obviously I created a profile @MusicMan888 - but when I try to log in it asks for my email, then it sends me a code and I get a profile with no info and no progress - my @MusicMan888 profile shows progress for the first three exercises - but not the survey form which I have completed … what is going on??

So it appears I inadvertently created multiple accounts no offense but this site needs better account control - there are 3-4 options to sign in - if you enter a different method … it just creates a new account - even if you already have one … thats just bad design.

If I sign in with “google” everything works and my progress exists -

If you know of a way for us to know automatically that two different email address belong to the same person, please let us know so we can use this technology. Otherwise we have to assume that every new email address we see belongs to a different account. Multiple authentication is tricky, and I don’t know a way around this particular issue.

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First I would warn the user to be aware of this particular issue - as it seems to be a frequent problem. Part of the problem for me is that I’m using a macbook and if you slide two fingers on the mouse pad sideways it reverts your focus to a different version of the page (not sure exactly what is happening) but it seems to have to do with the browser back/forward navigation.
I started the “survey form” in what I thought was my account, finished it … but somehow I was no longer in my account … fortunately I saved my code and was able to quickly copy and paste my code in the correct account and get credit - I will be much more careful moving forward - thanks for the reply

Warn the user about what problem? If you use two different email addresses you will get two different accounts. Shouldn’t that be how accounts work?

I don’t think your touchpad has an effect on if you used a different email address. Maybe I’m misunderstanding you.

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Welcome to the community @MusicMan888 !

Have you contacted to request the accounts be merged and provide them with the email address you wish to keep as your active account?

Like, Jeremy, they are amazing to work with and assist us.

Just a suggestion, if you have not contacted support, yet, you may wish to reach out to them to help merge the accounts.

Happy coding!

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