Progress discrepancy on iPad vs Mac

Logging in with GitHub on both macOS Catalina and iPad OS 14.6 I’m not shown the same progress in the curriculum. Almost all my exercises are done in macOS. As an example ES 6 shows 0 on iPad and 9 finished exercises on Mac.

Go to the profile and user accont settings and check that it is the same account, a freeCodeCamp account has an unique username and as long as it is the same email address you can use whatever log in method you want to access it

If it’s the same account it may be a case of the cache not letting show your progress, so you could try clearing the cache of the devices

I had to first assign a name to my profile, did it on Mac, then I reloaded page on iPad and the name was showing there also. I log in with GitHub on both devices.

On iPad Safari browser I switch to “Private” and log back in (to clear cache) and while the number of Basic JS exercises show the same on both devices, for some reason ES 6 still shows 0 on iPad and 9 on Mac.

And if you try on Mac to clear cache?

Anyway, do not worry too much on challenges not marking complete, it’s not that important

Same, but I hear you. I was just more concerned about identifying a potential bug.

To make things even more weird, the login on the Mac has now also erased the 9 exercises I did on ES6.
I must be doing something wrong. Perhaps having multiple logins in various browser tabs on my Mac is causing the confusion? But how could “the most progress” be overridden by “the least progress” when comparing two browser tabs on the same profile?
(I only use GitHub login so it’s always the same account)

I’ll just quickly run through these 9 ES6 exercises again and consider it extra training, and I’ll get a deeper understanding.

At this point I would suggest you write at so that they can look into your account

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