Progress doesn't update properly

So, a few days ago I noticed that the progress on my profile wasn’t updating properly.

I recently started using FreeCodeCamp again, and started started from the beginning. I got the “green squares” for the first two days, but yesterday and today, nothing appeared.

If I put my mouse over the square representing today, I can see that it says “9 items”. However, the green color doesn’t appear.

I tried using both Chrome and Firefox, and nothing changed. I went as far as to reset all my progress to make sure nothing’s wrong with the way I did things, but still, the problem persists.

Is there something I’m doing, or is it a problem from the site?

The heat map widget doesn’t work and is being replaced. The months are also currently sideways.

Okay, thank you very much for the quick response. I’ll keep learning using FreeCodeCamp, but I’m curious, will the progress that I make today be showed after the widget will be replaced? Or it will start taking into consideration progress only once it’s replaced?

I’m not part of the development effort on that, so I don’t know what the new implimentation will be. By digging around the FCC GitHub you might be able to find a pull request for the change, if it’s already been finished, or you could try asking the Contributors chat room who is working on it.

Okay, thank you once again for the quick response!