Progress lost - duplicate accounts with same e-mail (Google sign up vs regular sign up)

Hi everyone,
I originally signed up for FreeCodeCamp with Google. I then signed up with e-mail when I tried to log in to the forums for the first time, and thus I created duplicate accounts, but here’s the strange thing: both have the same e-mail! I’ve been able to use them both thus far because I was perpetually logged in, but my computer broke and I’m using a different one, so I can’t log back in to my original account that I set up through Google, which is where all my progress was kept.
So how can I recover my progress? I don’t want to go through the whole thing again. I read all similar threads but there is no way around the fact that both my accounts use the same e-mail and some sort of admin should join them, or manually set my progress back where it was.
Can a mod or someone contact me please?

Edit: I tried using “click here if you previously used another method” link, and it doesn’t actually log me in. I tried with all my social media, even though I’m sure I used Google, and by the way when I used Linkedin it logged me into another person’s account!

Edit2: I somehow managed to log in both separately again. I plan not to touch anything ever again until my computer is fixed and I have to go through this again. It seems to be that each login (camp vs forums) has a separate process? I don’t know. If anyone can offer someadvice as to how to prevent this from happening again I’d very much appreciate it.

Your account for the forum is completely separate from your FCC account.

If you do have two different FCC accounts, you can delete the one that you don’t want to use by logging into it and deleting it from your account settings.

Thanks! I get it now :slight_smile: