Progress not being saved

Hi folks, I have an issue, my progress over CSS class is not being saved, I got to
Add Borders Around Your Elements but my progress we’re not saved and the error was ’ [We cannot reach the server to update your progress]’, please help

Can you post a screenshot of this?

Welcome to the forum @fenriquegimenez
I think getting that error messages has to do with your internet connectivity. Kindly check for your network signal strength and try again later.

Some things that could cause this:

  • Loss of internet connection
  • No longer being logged in (possibly by deletion of browser storage)
  • The freeCodeCamp servers being overloaded.

Thank you all for the kindly answers, I went to the start and with Ctrl + Enter I advanced saving my progress (the code editor did save my code luckily)

I’m glad you got it sorted out. :smiley: Happy coding!

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