Progress not saved

Progress not being saved on JavaScript. Went through a bunch didn’t even close the browser had a break carried on and it went back to 1% after completing the next task… how do I avoid this don’t want to bother doing any more if it isn’t going to remember the progress…

Hello, you have to submit the solutions of the challenges by pressing the Run the test button or press Ctrl +Enter on your keyboard. It’s very important that you are connected to the internet!

Hi yes I was doing that that’s the only way to check if they were right no? It was tracking them for a while got up to about 6% then it forgot all of them and went back to 1% when I did the next one… now it’s gone back to 0% and forgot even the last one… feels like a lot of wasted time and don’t know what to do, was enjoying making progress now I’m stuck not wanting to do anymore

Maybe that’s a browser’s problem. Try it on private mode or try another browser.

Cheers, was doing it on my phone, working fine on laptop and progress has been restored!

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