Project #1 and #2 - any feedback / help appreciated!


I have done the first two projects and would be grateful for any feedback or help.

The tribute page is here:

…and the Portfolio is here:

There are some little things I am unable to do on the portfolio so, if anyone is able to advise or point me in the right direction that would be most helpful. With the portfolio page:

  • I am unable to get the skills carousel to stay level. It consists of two bits of content, and if you click right three times so it goes around the content appears to drop down quickly - I’ve no idea what is causing it and it is super frustrating :rage: I know this is vague, but I wonder anyone has experienced this or knows what would be causing it?

  • The projects section, when the browser is made narrow to go into mobile screen size, the div containing the image, which overlays the colour is suddenly larger than the image and overlaps the project above. Again, no idea what is causing this!!

Kind regards,

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