Project 1- form: confused on delivery and background

it seems everyone in the forum did their project on for the most part, or did they just upload it there after it was reviewed? Do I create my project on and just link it here? my project completes all steps on html instruction, just working on css now.

also trying to figure out how to load a background image behind my form in the body element and then make just the background of the form opaque and not the form content (labels and inputs, textarea ect.) itself. do i need to set classes for each content element and set the opacity to each and then the form itself or am i creating to many steps for myself?

You can write the code in any other platform you want, and then copy paste it into freecodecamp, to see if it meets all the requirements.
Getting the background image is actually not very easy, you have to get the image, then blur it, then change the color, then position it. You will have to google / youtube those steps if you want, but in my opinion, as you move on to the next assignments, you will learn more about CSS and then can come back to it.
Best of luck

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Thank you so much, I appreciate the help.

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