PROJECT 2: Check out my survey site and design ! suggestions are recommended!

and my question , can you guyz say that how do i get responses when the submit button is clicked?
needs php , if yes I dont know about php , is there any way ?

Thanks in advance!! :grinning: :confetti_ball::tada:

It seems to be responsive (I only checked on chrome) which is good.
Personally speaking, I don’t feel a gradient background is right for this project.
I also wish you’d aligned the radio buttons and checkboxes better. It very cluttered looking and confusing right now.

What do you want to do with the submit? Save to a database? You would need php, ruby, express or some such backend for that and a database like mongodb or firebase etc.

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thanks @amandarfernandes , i need to get the responses , but I am not familiar with backend and I am motivated to do that !

I agree with @amandarfernandes Your gradients are very distracting.
If you must use a gradient, use only one for the form, not multiple ones.
(and make it lined up from top to bottom, rather than across so it adds context to your form which is lined from top to bottom).

I would also change the shadow. It looks unrealistic to have shadow on all sides. (shadow usually falls to one or two sides of an object).
The roundness of the corners is also too much. Reduce that down to a more realistic amount.

Tighten up your use of color. Too much color for no specific reason doesn’t add but rather takes away from the design.

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thanks for your suggestion ! removed the gradients