Project #2 - I Recreated My Business Site Using Code

I finally finished! It took many hours for me to get this like I wanted it. My familiarity with coding is LOW, but, it’s finally done and I am taking a day off! My goal was to re-create my business site which I created earlier this year using a customized template (minimal coding required).

Project #2 inspired me to re-create from code my original template site. I watched several YouTube videos to gain a better understanding of using Java Script to create the Sticky Nav Bar. I hope that is not considered cheating. I really needed a person to walk me through all of the steps and explain the “why’s.” Your thoughts? Thanks for listening. Hope you like the site.

Project #2 - Personal Website for Karen Jones Selman


Nice work, Karen. I actually compared it to your original site and I think your self-coded version runs more efficiently. I noticed my computer fan kicking in on the original, but your new one loads without a peep :slight_smile:

The one quirk that stands out to me is the way your logo/header scrolls off screen and leaves a small blue bar as it separates from the nav.

That’s hard to explain, but hopefully this screen shot clarifies it:


Thanks for taking the time to look at both sites! I appreciate that as well as your great feedback.

I know exactly what you are talking about on the header. I think maybe I need to make an adjustment on the header height or something so that the transition happens at the right point. I may have to watch that YouTube video again to figure it out. Thanks again for your feedback.

How far along are you in the FCC curriculum?

Finished Front-end. I’ve done one of the React projects. I’ve got 3 more back-end projects to do until I get the back-end cert. But at the moment I’m building my own project and taking a break from FCC projects.

Sounds great. I think I will try and re-create some of the other template site that I designed just to get some practice coding. That should help keep things fresh on my mind:)